Cape May Holistic Journey - A Group for New Age Topics & Events
About Us
Louise Sinn & Joan MalecJoan Malec and Louise Sinn co-created Cape May Holistic Journey in 2010.  It was born from a desire to bring like minded people in the greater Cape May County area together to explore alternative methods to achieve personal growth, improving life and reintroduce ancient practices.  They draw from their own personal interests and talents of practitioners in healing, enlightenment, consciousness, and more.
Cape May Holistic Journey is open to everyone of all ages.  Your interest is appreciated and we hope you enjoy what our group has to offer.
If you are interested in developing a program with CMHJ, please use the CONTACT US page or call 609.333.2340
Cape May Holistic Journey does not advocate that you cease consulting your regular doctor(s) or taking traditional medicine and/or therapies. The information provided to you in our programs are tools that can be tapped into that may enhance the well-being of participants.
Cape May Holistic Journey makes no claims and the responsibility to engage in activities is strictly at the discretion of the participant.
Please consult your doctor before engaging in any physical activity or taking any new supplements.
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